“I’ve used AlignMed products on hundreds of patients, many of them athletes at a professional level.  There is ample evidence showing improvement in injury recovery when the S3 and Posture Shirt are used on a consistent basis.   The garments are a must for athletes but also a wonderful tool for idle populations or to simply help rebuild posture in anyone.”

Craig Morgan MD, Clinical professor, University of Pennsylvania and associate clinical professor, Thomas Jefferson University.  Member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, American Society for Sports Medicine


“I use AlignMed garments as care strategy for pre and post-operative patients.  The patient compliance and patient satisfaction is overwhelmingly positive.  Many of my patients recommend the products for their friends and family.  I’ve never seen a product like this.”

Dr. Greg Markarian, MD, Chicago IL,AAOS, Diplomat of the American Board of Orthopedic Surgeons, Director VA Medical Center, Chicago. Consultant to Miami Dolphins


“AlignMed has scientifically demonstrated in three independent biomechanics labs that the anatomically desired position of the scapula can be reproducibly controlled to assist and maintain correct posture.  The clinical relevance is important to my shoulder and sports medicine practice.   Whether it involves sports activity or excessive computer use these products can help restore and maintain appropriate scapular mechanics as well as provide maintenance of a healthier scapular position.”  

C.Thomas Vangsness Jr, MD, Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery in the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California, Board certified in Orthopaedic Surgery for over 20 years, Team Physician USC Athletics


“AlignMed  products are a dynamic orthosis that is much different than traditional bracing.  The built in banding assists muscle movement relationships without restriction or excessive strain.  This is key to preventing falls in the elderly and athletic performance.   In my clinic AlignMed products have proven effective in the prehab and rehab of many patients from different walks of life. “

Stephen Gorin, DO,Osteopathic Medicine, Institute of Sports Medicine Orthopedics, Miami, FL


“The AlignMed Posture Shirt is amazing! Never has such a simple device offered such a potential economic benefit.”

Wade Faerber, DO Orthopedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine, Arrowhead Clinic, Riverside, CA


“The NeuroBands in an AlignMed garment consistently apply positive biofeedback that enhances muscle memory to improve and maintain balance and posture.  In my clinic I have seen it make a difference in the performance of professional athletes and active adults. AlignMed’s ‘Evidence Based Apparel’ represents an entirely new continuum of care for physical therapy.”

Taras Kochno, MD, Board Certified Physiatrist: Med. Director Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation International, Bradenton, FL


“I use Alignmed products on a variety of patients, including several high profile male and female athletes. I use the Posture Shirt because it applies the principles of biomechanical support and neurological biofeedback. Half the battle of posture correction is consistently being aware of your own posture. The Posture Shirt is a great tool for this.”

Neil Elattrache, MD, AAOS, Medical Director Kerlan-Jobe Sports Medicine, Los Angeles and Team Physician, LA Dodgers.


“I wear an AlignMed garment on a regular basis and believe enthusiastically that they have a role in nutrition therapy, metabolic enhancement and weight maintenance.  We all need to be concerned about good posture if we want to burn calories efficiently.”

Dr. David Heber, MD, Medical Director of the UCLA Center For Nutrition


“All body parts are links in a chain that work as a single unit; this makes our posture one of the most important components of good health and performance.   AlignMed’s Evidence Based Apparel is an excellent tool to help anyone enhance good posture.“

Carlos Prietto, MD, AAOS, Orthopedics, Professor UCI, Board Member Hoag Hospital


“Consistent muscle stimulation is critical to athletes as well as the elderly – I use AlignMed Posture Systems as a wonderful tool for activating muscles for good balance. I am seeing an incredibly diverse population benefiting.”

Stephen Gorin, DO, Osteopathic Medicine, Institute of Sports Medicine Orthopedics, Miami, FL


“A couple of years ago, I was referred a 40 year old male - remote television cameraman with a severe low shoulder and internally rotated scapula. I fitted him with an AlignMed S3 and one year later he said the brace had saved his job. It worked so well he wore it out and got another one which was equally as effective. He confided that his shoulder is in no better position than when I saw him and he had not gone to physical therapy for exercises. However, his pain is rare on the job and not common after work unless he tries home jobs and forgets to wear the garment during work.”

Phillip B. Donley, PT, ATC, MS Consultant to Major League Baseball submitted several case studies relating to care of a variety of patients.


“AlignMed products should be viewed as important medicine for injury prevention and fatigue management therapies.  The potential of NeuroBands controlled resistance is a conservative solution injury recovery that should not to be taken lightly.”

Ronald A. Navarro, MD, Chief of Orthopedics, Southern California Kaiser Permanente Medical


“The Posture Shirt helps my back and keeps everything aligned," he said. "It helps my shoulders with that, too.

I wore the shirt a couple of times when I had some stingers," Howard said. "But I was able to play through it. The shirt was doing its job. It keeps everything in line. There's nothing I can do about my back right now except to let it heal. That's the only thing I can do.”

LA Lakers, NBA


“75 year old male auto mechanic. He still loves to work on cars but has undergone several chemo and radiation treatment series for cancer and had lost his ability to elevate his arm above 50 degrees. This was a serious handicap for him especially on the elevated lift to work on the underside of the car. I placed an Alignmed S3 brace on him and he immediately was able to elevate his arms to 110 degrees of flexion which provided him with enough shoulder flexion when combined with elbow flexion to work on mufflers and wheel fittings on cars. 

Additional patients have been swimmers with chronic impingement symptoms from the ages of 12-22, especially females. Over the past three years a number of professional and amateur baseball players ages 15- 38 and professional football players who had a variety of glenohumeral and /or shoulder girdle symptoms, including acromioclavicular and sternoclavicular joint problems and scapular pain have benefited from either short or long term use of the Alignmed Posture Shirts and S3 Jackets. Most patients wear the brace to help protect against those activities that tend to increase their pain. It helps relieve pain and serves as a training device to enhance corrective exercises as well as be protective on the job for those postures that tend to overload both dynamic and static postural positions for various job descriptions.

In short, the brace is almost invaluable for reinforcement of posture exercises and to encourage good proprioceptive input to encourage good shoulder girdle control through the day when the patient is in postural positions that encourage scapular internal rotation and anterior tilt.”

Phillip B. Donley, PT, ATC, MS.


“The goal of rehabilitation for musculoskeletal pain should not only be relief of pain but restoration of function. The S3 device has been beneficial in allowing my patients to suffer less and to progress their rehabilitation program to allow them to maximize their level of daily activities and sporting activities. The S3 device has become a valuable part of my practice.“

Stanley A. Herring, MD, UW Clinical Professor in the Departments of Rehabilitation Medicine, Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, and Neurological Surgery. He is director of Sports, Spine and Orthopaedic Health for UW Medicine with a particular interest in disorders of the spine and sports concussion


“AlignMed's Posture garments are not compression apparel; they have built in elastic banding that interacts with the muscles. The end result is helps unload strained joints and trains the body to realign itself."

Gary Vitti, Head Trainer, LA Lakers NBA


“I think these shirts should really be a part of every training staff, rehabilitation process from the standpoint of anybody that has a shoulder problem, has some kind of scapular issue involved. This shirt is going to It align your whole posture and it won't hinder you at all. If anything, the jacket is going to help you. There's no negative side effect."

Chip Vaugn, NFL All Pro


“As an orthopaedic surgeon, I perform a variety of different types of surgery, several of which require sitting or standing while working with my arms out front at chest level for prolonged periods of time. Usually after 45 minutes to an hour of maintaining this type of position, I begin having mid back pain. The first time I had the opportunity to wear the posture shirt while performing surgery; I noticed that I was concluding the end of my fourth hour of surgery without any pain. Being somewhat skeptical I thought that perhaps this was just a good day. The next day after a similar length of operating while wearing the shirt, again I experienced no pain. The following week I operated one day without wearing the shirt. Almost like clockwork the onset of mid back pain occurred about one hour into operating. Since then, I have been very religious in wearing your product and I have found a substantial reduction in any type of back pain associated with prolonged sitting, standing or reaching.

I was amazed to find just how important improving posture has helped with reduction of back pain and my activities of daily living. I am sure that others will find your product to be helpful as well.”

Michael S. LaDouceur, M.D, Member AAOS, Summit Bone and Joint          


“Cyclists wear compression garments religiously after rides, races, and even to bed. The Alignmed line of garments is the newest to hit the market and their motto is "evidenced based sports apparel." The idea is if one body part is misaligned, then other parts of the body move in and out of line to maintain balance and thus energy is expended to counteract the effects of gravity. Special elastic is sewn anatomically into the garments to gently pull the shoulders back and align them over the hips. Professional cyclists from Fly V Australia (Ben Day and Bernie Sulzberger) tested the garments. 

The riders found the shirt amazing in the way it draws back your posture in a healthier shape without being uncomfortable and without requiring contraction of the back muscles. The shirt actually teaches your brain to pull your shoulders back into proper posture. 

The riders reported that the garments to be cool and comfortable, even in temperatures of 90 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The Alignmed line of garments are the some of the most advanced to hit the market and back up their claims with medical studies from reputable sports medicine clinics. They sell for more than other compression garments on the market, but are competitively priced. Consult with your physician if the Alignmed garments could help you. And if your doctor prescribes them, insurance may even pick up the bill.”

Jonathan Edwards M.D., Las Vegas, NV


"I wear my Posture Shirt to maintain my alignment while using the microscope during surgery."

Sanjitpal (Sonny) Gill, M.D